What is CREO

CREO Antofagasta is an integrated initiative to respond to the city’s growth. It is an invitation to create and to build an Antofagasta with a better quality of life. This platform is one of the spaces that bring together the inspiration, challenges, will and participation by all those who want to make Antofagasta the best city to live in. Here you can get to know the initiatives and projects, monitor the progress made, debate, give your opinion, cooperate and build.


The plan is a strategic tool for improving the quality of life in the city of Antofagasta with an integrated, shared and positive vision that is both feasible as well as sustainable.
Its initial stage considers a development period of approximately 18 months and an implementation and monitoring period through 2035.
CREO Antofagasta’s initial objectives are:
• Improving quality of life and the physical-environmental surroundings.
• Diversifying the city’s economic base.
• Harmonizing productive and port functions with urban ones.
• Providing world-class urban and environmental services.
• Attracting and retaining population in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.
• Supporting excellence in urban administration.
• Promoting a city that is socially integrated, with equal opportunities, social mobility; one that is educated and inserted into global networks.
• Fostering a sustainable development strategy.


OECD Territorial Report

• La OECD advises CREO Antofagasta by assessing Antofagasta’s current situation from a global perspective, comparing it with other OECD cities and identifying shortfalls associated with development and economic diversification, urban public policies (transportation, land use, environment, infrastructure) and governance and inter-institutional coordination.
• The OECD Report includes an evaluation and recommendations on the urban challenges that Antofagasta faces by dealing with factors that prevent — or can hinder — the attainment of urban development objectives that have an impact both on the city as well as on the region.

Driving Initiatives

• This line of work is in charge drafting an integrated sustainable development strategy for the city that considers all plans, projects, programs and initiatives under way in Antofagasta, in addition to those yet to be defined and which are fundamental to the fulfillment of the established goals. This line consists in three stages: 1) Baseline; 2) Vision of City; 3) Strategic Projects.

Participation and Communications

• This line of work is in charge of strengthening the public’s active involvement in the city’s improvement via a process that promotes:
o Active participation in the planning, co-design and implementation of initiatives and the Plan’s driving projects on the part of end-users.
o Inclusion in CREO Antofagasta’s future governance, which will lend sustainability to the Plan once the initial stage has concluded.
o Promotion of a space for the public to follow and monitor the Plan’s management, one that allows the progress made in improving the city’s quality of life to be measured.